The Best 3 Ways to Invest in Real Estate on a Part-Time Basis

how can you make money in real estate if you already have a job or a business that keeps you busy on a full-time basis? I own hundreds of rentals and I’ve been involved in thousands of transactions, playing every major role – buyer, seller, broker, lender, & borrower. Reflecting on what I know about real estate, I think the following 3 passive investment sources are the best ways to get involved in real estate on a part-time basis.

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Tim Bratz Discusses Apartment and Multi-Family Investing with Rehab Valuator and Daniil Kleyman

In this interview Tim Bratz talks about how he got started in real estate investing, how he has flipped 100+ turnkey rental deals a year and how he is acquiring hundreds of apartment units each and every year with private money. Tim employs a very interesting deal structuring techinique which is basically a commercial version of BRRRR – watch to learn more!

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Resourcefulness is the ULTIMATE resource

How many times have you heard someone give up on their dreams because they don’t have the money, don’t have the time, don’t have the knowledge, or don’t have the resources? I’ve heard it a lot. And then I think to myself… How did John D Rockefeller do it? How did Thomas Edison do it? How did Oprah do it? How did I do it?

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Creating Consistent Deal Flow

I speak to investors – both newbie & experienced – on a daily basis. One of the hurdles I’ve heard a lot recently is how it’s so difficult to find investment opportunities. My question to them is, “How are you searching for your deals?” I almost always hear, “I’m on the broker’s mailing list.” Here’s the problem with that – it’s not predictable. Truth bomb: If you’re relying on someone else to build your business, you’re not in charge of your business.

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