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CLE Turnkey is a leading real estate investment company located in Cleveland, OH.

As a socially conscious company, we strive to make an enduring positive impact on the region and improve the quality of life for its residents.

CLE Turnkey evaluates each business opportunity for its potential to improve the community and contribute to the long-term economic vitality of Northeast, Ohio.

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Investment Properties

Whether you are looking for a wholesale or turnkey investment property, we can help.

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Private Lending

Through our private lending program you can earn passive income with a stable return to grow your money.

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Commercial Empire, a coaching program that simplifies & teaches you A-to-Z of apartment investing.

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Sell Your Property

We'll work with you to sell your house if you don’t have the time. We make the entire process seamless for you.

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  • Patrick Riddle

    "I met Tim Bratz in 2009 when he was just getting started in real estate investing and knew immediately that he would be a huge success. His attitude and determination are contagious. Tim’s one of those guys who says he’s going to do something and then does it, which is rare in today’s business world. If you have a chance to get to know or work with him, consider yourself lucky. Tim’s an all-star!"

    Patrick RiddleOwner, & Palmetto Property Solutions (Charleston, SC)
  • Scott Hansen

    "I have known Tim Bratz for 15+ years and can strongly attest to his honesty, business intelligence, and character. I have personally invested in several of Tim’s real estate deals during the past decade, which have all resulted in a significant premium return to all major market indices. Tim is true to his word and consistently produces strong returns for his investors, results that keep investors coming back – myself included."

    Scott HansenInvestment Banker (Boston, MA)
  • Walter Behrmann

    "I have worked with Tim Bratz for several years. Working side by side and from a distance I have become extremely impressed with his solid work ethic and impeccable character. After 23 years in real estate and over 500 property transactions, finding these two traits in one individual is hard to come by. I’m always glad to talk business with Tim and I find even after all of these years I end up learning something new. I look forward to doing more business with him."

    Walter BehrmannReal Estate Investor (Atlanta, GA)
  • Rob Kumengi

    "I’ve had several opportunities to learn and partner with Tim Bratz on many real estate deals, and his ability to coach and motivate others is unparalleled. Tim’s passion and professionalism in growing a business would be an asset to any organization."

    Rob KumengiOwner Equitable Investments (Cleveland, OH)
  • JP Moses

    "Tim Bratz is one of the smartest, savviest investors I know. He’s a natural born rainmaker, highly adept at his craft, and just brings so much creative energy to the table every time we interact. I’m super proud to have him as a colleague and friend."

    JP Moses Owner (Memphis, TN)

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Starting Over and Building an Empire

Tim Bratz was interviewed by Dr. Matt Motil on the Cash Flow King Podcast. The two discussed commercial real estate, northeast Ohio, starting over, building empires from scratch, lifestyle design & planning, and a bunch of other really great topics.

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